• Paris-Beijing, you won't find it here.
    Green Monkeys takes you to work!

    Every day thousands of you
    are driving to work alone.

    Green Monkeys brings people together
    to lighten the burden of commuting.

  • Rideshare also over long distances.

    The rate per kilometer adapts to the distance you travel.
    The more you ride, the less you spend !

  • Rideshare, as you want,
    when you want, as much as you want.

    Your working hours are fixed, variable,
    part-time or through the night?

    No problem, give us your schedule
    and we'll find the rides to match your requirements.

  • Rideshare, where you want, when you want
    and as much as you want.

    Green Monkeys is a safe
    rideshare community.

    Each user is formally identified.
    Each ride is registered.

  • Users share costs online automatically.
    Just sit back and chat!

    No need to bargain!
    Just credit your account,
    transactions are automatic.

    The cost per kilometre is fixed and the same for all.

  • Green Monkeys is like a wild strawberry,
    you taste one and you want some all year round!

    Studies show that after the first ride
    you are likely to get hooked.

    Get started, we are at your side.
    You will even save money!